Grandmother Spider

Grandmother Spider

Guaba Guarikoku, Spider walking on the Earth, was the name given to me by Spirit on my first vision quest. This name carries a responsibility to reconnect the sacred Web of Life through sharing the teachings of Earth Wisdom and celebrating the traditions of Earth honoring.

I share Earth honoring ceremonies, passage rites and personal healing ceremonies following the Taino tradition of the Indigenous people of the Caribbean.

As the keeper of the Food Mothers masks, I am reconstructing the Women’s Lodges for healing of the women and our Mother Earth.  

As a Medicine Wheel teacher with the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, I share the stories and wisdom that guides our walk around the Medicine Wheel and through life. Many of these stories and teaching I have adapted for the children so that they can be passed to the next seven generations.

I have developed a system of working with Vortex Energy for healing ourselves and assisting in the Earth’s transformation. Vortex Energy is about accessing Universal awareness so that we can evolve, along with our planet Earth, using the most positive path to manifest the Light of Love. Using Vortex Energy is a way of bringing body, mind and spirit into balance so that we can adapt to the rapid vibrational shifting of these Earth Changes.

SpiderHerbs is my workshop of herbal medicines and delights for those wanting to connect with the energy of the plants and trees. I have traveled throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean Islands to share the Taino Medicine Wheel teachings. With my Elder’s encouragement, I have written several books for both children and adults so that the Medicine Wheel teachings are not forgotten.

I designed Animal Teacher readings as a way to listen to the messages and guidance of our Animal Teachers. After working with Miguel Sague for many years with the Taino Glyphs, I designed the Taino Glyph readings as a tool to understand where we sit on the Medicine Wheel and ask for direction.

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For more information on any of my teachings, including Vortex Energy healing; SpiderHerbs; Medicine Wheel, Animal Teachers and Taino Glyph readings; Women's Lodge; or to inquire about personal sessions or workshops, please contact me at or Spider, PO Box 51, Fredonia, NY 14063.