The Weaver of The Web of Life

The Weaver of The Web of Life

n this page you will discover the connector medicine of the Spider--putting people in touch with others of like mind. I know the work of each of these people and highly recommend their offerings.






Miguel Sague and the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle can be found at  

The Caney Indian Spiritual Circle is an organization devoted to the path of shamanic enlightenment as it was trailblazed by ancient mystics and wise elders of the Taino Native people in the Caribbean islands over four thousand years ago. Our tradition is inspired by the combined prophesies of Aurasurey of Boriken and Guaricheanao of Kuba. It is based on the fact of global rebirth and enlightenment in the period of years between 1992 and 2012 and the far reaching consequences of these pivotal calendrical events. It is the hope of reconciliation that can last into the centuries to come. It is guided by the power and magic of the ancient Cemis of Taino culture.

Maya-Taino Initiative can be found at



Tenanche Rose Golden, Rose Flower Essences,

Tenanche Rose Golden is the Founder andCo-Creator of Rosaflora Divine Light Essences and Rosaflora Botanicals.  She is a Master Rose Flower Essence Practitioner,  making essences since 1989 and author of two books: Rose Flower Essences: A New Guide To Natural Healing With 65 RemediesMade From The World's Most Beloved Flower and Rose Oils And Rosewater: 25 Quick And Easy Tips For Beautiful Skin And Well Being. A Ceremonial Healer of Powhatan/Taino Native descent, Tenanche has been called by Spirit to work with the Plant Spirit Medicine of healing flowers and herbs - especially Roses.  She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexologist and Artist.



Kathryn Strcik, KAStrick Designs,

Designer of digital mandalas and artistic images. Designed the Vortex 2014 on the Vortex Energy page.  Reproductions of "The Vortex 2014" is available as cards, on ceramic tile or canvass through the website.


Hollis Melton, Black Thistle Press

Publisher of Songs of Bleeding.


Vikki Hanchin

Victoria Hanchin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Wholistic Psychotherapist, transformational writer, and visionary activist. She is the author ofThe Seer and the Sayer Revelations of the New Earth. Her writings are found at


Eden Scott Cross, Animal Communicator
Facebook page :

I am a psychic medium and much of the work that I do is as an animal communicator talking with living critters as well as those who've crossed over into Spirit. I also communicate with human beings who have crossed into Spirit... and I teach human beings about not only better understanding their animal friends / family members... but also, I always talk about how we are ALL interconnected, and about mystical/ spiritual aspects of all of life. den is the daughter of Samantha Scott.