c. 2002 Julie Longhill

c. 2002 Julie Longhill



Our Ancestors knew that we are all related in the Web of Life that connects all beings. Because of our relationship with the Creature Beings in the Web of Life, our Ancestors honored them as family. Our Ancestors noticed that each of the animals has a special job to do and that the contribution of each and every animal is essential for the survival of all the other Creature Beings, the Plant and Tree People, and all life on the planet. Every day our Ancestors watched how the Creature Beings used their special gifts, how they made their homes, and what they ate.  When our Ancestors had a problem, or just wanted to know the answer to a question, they often went out and watched the animals.  Sometimes, they spoke with these sisters and brothers through their thoughts.  The answers were always there.

The animals can be teachers for us just as they have been for our Ancestors because they listen to MotherEarth and follow her cycles. The Animal Teachers reading allows you to renew your connection withpersonal Animal Teachers. When you enter the Earth Walk, you come with Animal Teachers that guide and protect you. Your Animal Teachers can remain for your entire life or they may walk with you only for a specific time, leaving when you enter times of major change when new Animal Teachers will emerge to help you adapt to new situations. Specific personality traits that make you who you are are often a reflection of the gifts of the Animal Teachers that walk with you. Working with your Animal Teachers can help make life easier because then you are using your gifts to accomplish what you set out to do.


Animal Teachers Reading

There are thirteen Animal Teachers that sit on your personal Animal Teachers Medicine Wheel. Using an intuitive process, eight of the Animal Teachers that are your guides will be represented in the reading. The other five Animal Teachers are your Guardian Spirit and those animals that you connect with through ceremony or everyday living.

Spider is available for Animal Teachers readings either in person or long distance. Send Spider an email through and she will send you an email with information to get you started with the Animal Teachers reading. The process is done through an exercise that allows you to intuitively remember your Animal Teachers, an Animal Teachers chart and information prepared by Spider, and a telephone consultation. This reading takes about an hour to prepare and the consultation will be approximately half an hour. 


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The Native people who walked before us on this land asked the same questions that we ask today:


Who am I?   Where did I come from?   Why am I here?   What does the future have in store for me?  How will I be remembered when I’m gone?

Around an ancient council fire, some Elders drew a circle to answer these questions. In the center they placed the Great Mystery that is the center of all things. Because the circle is the symbol of harmony and contains all truths, the Elders consolidated the teachings of Truth into twelve words and placed them around the outside of the circle. The four directions extend around the circular form of our Earth and represent our journey through the stages of life and the process of learning along the way.  Our Earth connection below, our Sky connection above, and our connection with the Great Mystery within anchor us to the teachings of Truth. The circle of teachings became known as the Medicine Wheel. Medicine means Spirit - the spirit of life that is shared by all. Wheel means energy - the motivation for maintaining harmonious relationships through good thoughts, good feelings, good words, and good actions. Many Medicine Wheels were developed by people of many nations, and these Medicine Wheels all contain the teachings of Truth based on Right Relationships.


While you were still in the Spirit World waiting to be born, you created a personal Medicine Wheel. Encoded within your Medicine Wheel are the choices that you made for this lifetime including your purpose for living and the gifts that will enable you to fulfill that purpose, be creative, and share with others. Each person carries her or his Medicine Wheel throughout an entire lifetime. When you complete your Earth Walk, you will evaluate your life’s work according to the goals that were encoded within your personal Medicine Wheel.


North- Direction of wisdom

East- Direction of inspiration

South- Direction of Faith and Trust

West- Direction of looking & listening within

Above- Direction of Father Sky, the Sky Beings, Star People & Winged Ones              

Below- Direction of Mother Earth, theAncientAncestors, Creature Being & Inner Earth People

Within- Our connection with Great Mystery & All Our Relations – LOVE, TRUTH & PEACE  

Through listening to the silence within, all of the answers to all of our questions can be revealed.


These Medicine Wheel teachings are based on the wisdom of Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother Twylah Nitsch who certified Spider to share these readings 'So That The Teachings Can Live'.


Medicine Wheel Readings

You carry your personal Medicine Wheel in the Energy Web surrounding your physical body - the same place where you carry your thoughts and feelings - so remembering your colors and gifts of birth is an easy intuitive process. Exploring your personal Medicine Wheel opens the doorway for reflection on issues and can be a helpful accompaniment to the process of healing and growth. Your Medicine Wheel includes your personal colors and gifts of birth. .

Spider is available for Medicine Wheel readings either in person or long distance. Send Spider an email through and she will send you an email with information to get you started with the Medicine Wheel reading. The process is done through an exercise to help you intuitively remember your gifts, a Medicine Wheel chart and information prepared by Spider, and a telephone consultation.  This reading takes about an hour to prepare, and the consultation will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. 


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The Taino Glyphs, images representing the spiritual teachings of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle, were developed by Miguel Sague to use as sacred writing in our ceremonies. There are 30 images in this series of glyphs: 19 represent the letters and vowel sounds that are used in the Taino dialect used by the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle and 11 represent our clans and the directions on the Medicine Wheel.  

Spider developed a way to use the symbols for reading energy, answering questions, and listening to the wisdom of your Guardian Spirit.  When the glyphs a

re used in divination, they reflect the specific influences present at that time so that we can get a better understanding of what is happening in our lives.  The Taino Glyphs of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle share the Taino Medicine Wheel teachings that fulfill the prophecy of the 27th generation-- to bring the sacred circle of the people back together.

Each glyph image has a symbolic meaning that relates to the influences and experiences that we encounter on our daily walk around the Medicine Wheel. For example, the Glyphs below read:

(Ata Bei)   The blessings of MotherEarth are here, bringing healing and abundance. An unexpected gift is coming to you soon. Follow the cycles of the seasons. Sit on the ground and listen to MotherEarth's heartbeat. Get in touch with the female nurturing side of your spirit.

(Guaba)   It is a time for creativity arising from spontaneous inspiration. Your potential is unlimited. Expect to come into contact with others who share your ideas as you weave your personal web with your thoughts. 

(Cemi)   Take time off from your life in contemplation. You are being called to the Sacred Mountain to hear the wisdom of the stones. It is said that the Ancient Ancestors put all of their wisdom into the stones for us to hear when the time is right. If you have a question, go find a stone and a quiet place to listen. Your answer will be made known.

(Iokahu)   This is a time of positive growth. Regeneration and renewal are here for you. Laughter, happiness and healing are available to you. Now is the time to make decisions, take action, and begin projects. Get in touch with the male protective side of your spirit.

(Rakuno)   This glyph represents the North Star and the gifts of healing and wisdom. This is a time of rest and preparation, like the seed that rests underground waiting for the right time to sprout. Challenges may be coming to you as the Trickster Spirit also sits in the direction of the North. However our lessons are always gifts in disguise, and if we can see the beauty behind the challenge, we can experience healing and wisdom.


Taino Glyph Readings

Using the symbolism of the glyphs, Spider can construct a Medicine Wheel for the questioner, reflecting how you show yourself to others, messages from your Guardian Spirit, your lessons and challenges, creative inspirations and areas of positive growth.

Alternately, the reading can focus on a specific problem where glyphs are drawn to reflect current influences so the questioner can determine a course of action.

Spider is available for readings with the Taino Glyphs, either in person or long distance. Send Spider an email at to begin your Taino Glyph reading. The process involves an initial email to clarify the purpose of the reading and a telephone consultation while Spider reads your Glyphs. Either reading take about 30 minutes. 


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Original Taino Glyphs by Miguel Sague  Artwork and divination system developed by Spider

Original Taino Glyphs by Miguel Sague

Artwork and divination system developed by Spider