Medicine Wheel.jpg

Fifth World Sun

FatherSky speaks.
I am a new sun,
Shining a new life into your being
So that the seeds will grow
Into new plants, new foods, new trees.
And the creatures will eat this new food
And become new beings.
And the waters will drink this new life
And become transformed.
And the air will breathe this new light
And become aware.
The Two-Leggeds will eat the Sacred Foods
And become new people,
Children of the new sun.
They will grow new eyes to see beauty as never seen before.
They will grow new ears so that they can hear inner wisdom clearly.
They will grow new hands so they can touch with their hearts.
They will grow new thoughts so the can create peace.
They will grow new hearts so that they can love unconditionally.


FatherSky speaks.


Thank you for sharing your light at this very exciting time. We have all agreed to be here, sitting together in the Sacred Circle. If you have been drawn to this website, you have heard the call to awaken, to renew your Earth connection, to remember the Universal wisdom and   transform.

The prophecies of indigenous nations worldwide have prepared us for this special time. We have gone through the portal of 2012 into a New World. Energy Vortexes have opened at specific planetary locations to allow MotherEarth to transform. Likewise, energy Vortexes have opened within our physical bodies and our energy webs that allow for personal transformation. Each one of us is changing in the ways that we most need to grow and expand. Together, humans are evolving into a new species with new abilities to communicate and create. All around us, life forms are also evolving and together we are manifesting the vibration of wholeness for MotherEarth.

It is essential that we remember the wisdom of our Ancestors, the heartbeat of MotherEarth, and the connection that we share with all life as Relations. This is truly a remarkable time, a rare opportunity for the evolution of the human race. But no one can go through the doorway alone, we must join hands and all go together. Let us begin the process of remembering, reconciliation and reuniting our hearts as one planetary family.