Here is where you can find Spider's Herbals. smudging supplies and books, maybe hear a Vortex lecture and try out a Vortex Energy mini-session in the Western New York area. Please join us.


Spider is now holding Full Moon ceremonies and Women's Lodge in the Fredonia, NY area. Please email for details



The Medicine Wheel encodes your purpose for this Earth Walk through your Gifts of Birth and Personal Rainbow. This reading need only be done once, for you keep these gifts your entire lifetime. Working with your personal Medicine Wheel keeps your life in balance and shows you how to best follow your purpose. These teachings come from the Seneca Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge.

sunday november 18 - 1 to 5

at Stoneworks Wellness center, 2807 West 8th street, erie, pa 814-528-1468

Cost $60

please call to register