The Vortex Energy certificate class will start in September. This is a year long commitment, involving one three hour class once a month, to learn Vortex Energy multidimensional healing. For further information, email spiderherbs@gmail.com


A Discussion on Cell Salts will be presented June 24, 2-4

Cost of the class is $15 ---- Email for details-- spiderherbs@gmail.com or 2cshadowfox@gmail.com

       This class will introduce the homeopathic cell salts; twelve inorganic tissue salts that are essential for our health and well being. Available in any natural foods store, the cell salts are inexpensive, simple to use, safe for people of all ages, and effective when chosen correctly. In this brief discussion about cell salts, participants will be introduced to the twelve cell salts, and given basic information about their uses and resources for further exploration.

       Spider has been studying and using homeopathy and cell salts for more than ten years. She is an herbalist who creates herbal preparations including cell salts and homeopathy. Spider has interesting stories to share, and a desire to see others take control of their own heath through making informed choices.