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The reason I haven't been keeping up with the newsletter this year is because I have been busy at work on a new project. Embrace Your Heart cards were inspired by a drawing that I did when I was going through a particularly difficult emotional time. The drawing was the first step at healing my heart. Pages of writing followed, all in the form of verse. I cut out cards, wrote one verse on each and drew a heart. Every day I selected a card and used the guidance of the words to let my heart speak to me. This path of self discovery put me in touch with my deepest wisdom and strengths. During this past year I found myself frequently sharing these cards with people going through heart opening experiences. Its time now to share the cards.

2017 was one of the most difficult years that the human race has ever experienced. The shift of 2012 has left us adjusting to a new energy vibrations. We are overwhelmed with processing all of our personal issues so that we can function in this vibration. To say this has been a struggle is an understatement. As we shift, we find changes in our health as our body finds new rhythms of breathing and heartbeats. Our physical, social and emotional needs are changing. We are being called to change on every level, letting go of connections that were once the foundation of our lives.

This year, 2018, is the year of expansion. By now we know that who we are is not limited to this physical body. We have no choice but to recognize our energy body as we learn to experience reality in some ways very differently than we have previously experienced. Four strands of our DNA are awakening at this time--Telepathy, Manifestation, Healing and Prophecy. These give us abilities beyond our physical senses that expand our awareness and energetically link us with one another in a unified energy field. One of these gifts- Telepathy- opens us up to understanding the Language of the Heart, the sharing of energy vibrations. 

As our hearts open, we see many aspects of ourselves. There is a process of releasing and acceptance; the path of healing ourselves. The more we heal, the brighter our energy becomes and the more love we share. The brighter our energy, the stronger our vibration and the more comfortable we feel living in this new dimension. Everyone right now is working on opening their heart. In sharing these cards, I trust that I can assist you on your path.



This past year has been a crazy and intense time for everyone as we continue personal releasing and work out our new vibrational patterns. Over the past few years, we have been personally integrating the influx of spiritual energy from the 2012 Doorway, which was not a one-day event but a period of time lasting several generations. As if that were not enough, our nations and the planet continue releasing and working out new vibrational patterns. Right now everything appears pretty overwhelming and chaotic. Know that there is a plan and we are each here right now to see the marvelous awakening unfolding.

We had a few years, 3013, 2014 and 2015, where energy seemed to be stagnating. I thought of it in terms of the seed that we plant in the garden. When we first put the seed in the ground, nothing seems to be happening but there is really plenty going on within that seed. Since everything happens first as an energy vibration, the seed is 'dreaming its dream' to get ready for life. Physiological processes follow and finally the sprout appears and breaks open the soil to touch the sun. For us, those years were the time to refine our goals, reconnect with our purpose for living and decide what is really important. We each did a lot of hard work under the surface. This year, 2016, the door opened and brought opportunities and choices. Many of us were involved in personal healing, facing our fears and questioning our role in our work and personal relationships. As we break through the surface, we manifest what we have been holding in our thoughts and in our hearts throughout this process.

As a nation and as a planet, the process is similar. If we look around, we can see those who are going through healing crises, facing their fears and finding their strength. Unfortunately the media perpetuates confusion by holding up as role models those who are stuck in the process of resisting change rather than those who are supporting new ways of healing and sharing compassionately. Greed thinking of the Fourth World still dominates the actions of those in power and importance of self seems to be the norm. The political circus of the past year illustrates this point perfectly. How important was the concern for our environment, and for the welfare of all of our brothers and sisters? We were given a choice of slow, painful change or quick, painful change. But change we must. Have we learned our lessons, or has the Trickster Spirit returned with yet a bigger lesson to teach us how to live together in harmony?

Its time to stand together as One. Not together under a particular political ideology, but as a family related by our common humanness. As we move into the Fifth World, four gifts are awakening within our DNA that help us realize that we are not just physical beings, but that each of us has an energy body as well, and that our energy bodies are all connected. Your energy body, or Energy Web, is the matrix of the person you are and is influenced by your thoughts and feelings. Now science can prove what we already knew: that your thoughts create your reality, including your health, life situations and well being. Science can also prove that our thoughts affect other people, and the plants, animals and entire planet. We are, in effect, One Energy Being.


I think of 2017 as the "Year of the Golden Doorway" as Grandmother Twylah called this time. We are moving beyond our boundaries. Energy is extremely unstable right now and it is precisely this instability that we require, for when energy has no predicable pattern it can easily take on the form that is influencing it the most. Personally, that form is your primary thoughts and beliefs. Socially, that form is what most of the people think and believe.

Each on of us is a powerful creator. It all starts with you. Going beyond our boundary takes us out of our comfort zone, however it is incredibly freeing to make the choice. What are you going to create? If we occupy our minds with fears, we limit our creative abilities. If we envision what we require, reach out our hands to our neighbors in peace, and simply choose to live the way we desire, the world must change to accommodate our energy.

We will continue to experience greed until we create a system in which everyone's needs are met. If we each think and act following the thought "All for One, One for All", we can create that system. We don't require anyone outside of ourselves to make the change for us, we can do it by making individual choices. When enough of us choose, the world must change.

In the Taino Caney Circle spirituality, it is recognized that within this era humans face a choice- the reawakening of our potential as a species or the destruction of all that sustains our survival. The Caney Circle has a beautiful prophecy for this time. It states that the sound of the guamo (shell) shall once again be heard over the mountains, calling the people to reawaken and come together in Reconciliation. Spiritual warriors of Global Renewal will emerge, providing an example to connect the human race as One People. Are you one of the Spiritual Warriors? All it takes is reaching out your hand to connect with others in harmony, knowing that we are really One People; and a choice to live in harmony with the Earth, sustaining our natural resources as our great Gifts of Life.

Think about your own journey through this time. Be gentle and patient with yourself. If you are not feeling comfortable, ask if this is part of the transition and what you need to learn so you can move past it. It is never too late to change your thoughts. Gratitude is important. Take a moment every day to be grateful for what has crossed your path. Be grateful for even the lessons, as they each bring a hidden gift behind the hardship. Sparkle your eyes at everyone you meet, and when they sparkle back you will see the same Spirit Essence reflected back to you. Think positive thoughts and create the most amazing possibilities for yourself and the world.

When I did my ceremony of Gratitude this year, I was given a Medicine Wheel for 2017. I put these words on the Wheel beginning at January and used my colors with January as my first color. If you want to work with your colors, you could also start with your first color on your birth month. My suggestion is to take one word a day and think about how you can work with that quality for positive growth.

Learn Lovely

Honor Strong

Know Bright

See Flexible

Hear Abundant

Speak Loud

Love Willing

Serve Hearts

Live World

Create Future

Share Gift

Thank Truth

1. We are as Lovely as we think.

2. We are as Strong as the trees.

3. We are as Bright as the stars.

4. We are as Flexible as the wind.

5. We are as Abundant as we accept.

6. We are as Loud as the wind.

7. We are Willing if our hands reach out to join others in the circle.

8. Our Hearts are as full as our love.

9. Our World is as healthy as our intentions.

10. Our Future is a bright as our dreams.

11. Our Gift is enough if we make it count.

12. Our Truth is all there is.
More information on the Twenty Four Generation Prophecy can be found at: http://caneycircle.owlweb.org/24generation.html


More information on DNA and Earth Changes can be found in the book, Vortex Energy by Spider and at: www.spidersmedicine.com/VortexEnergy


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*Spider is a ceremony leader with the Taino Caney Indian Spiritual Circle, a Medicine Wheel teacher with the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, the founder of Vortex Energy Bodywork Healing Method, an herbalist, and author of several books. More information about Spider's work, and excerpts from her books, can be found on the website, www.spidersmedicine.com

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2016- Year of Expansion

We are coming out of two very intense years of adjustment. 2015 has been a year of adaptation as we all strive to personally integrate the shifting energy waves that are still bombarding the planet as part of the 2012 transformation. Our physical bodies have changed to resonate with the increased vibration of the Earth, for some resulting in health issues with the heart or breathing as we manifest a new personal vibration. Earth changes and vibrational pulses have caused emotional stress. We are releasing what we don't need to take with us into the Fifth World; lightening our bags and also releasing what we carry in our DNA from our Ancestors. Many of us have found new homes, new jobs and/or new friendships as our new personal vibrations reach out to attract situations with similiar energy. And, if that isn't enough, four strands of our DNA are waking up latent genetic codes for survival in the Fifth World: Healing, telepathy, manifestation and prophecy. Telepathy awakens the perception of the heart, prophecy awakens the perception of time, distance and event, manifestation awakens magnetic attraction and healing awakens vibrational alignment. Each of us is awakening these genetic codes at our own pace.

  I've been thinking a lot about the teachings of Grandmother Twylah and I keep getting a visual image of us (civilization) as sitting on the black line between the Fourth World and the Fifth World during the time from 2012 to 2015, tentatively sticking a foot onto the Fifth World road and gathering up the courage to walk into uncharted territory. In 2016 we step off of the black line, and the Fifth World of Creativity opens ahead for us to decide our future. What an opportunity!

 2016 promises to be the year of transformation-- the Vortex year. When we enter the Vortex without expectation or intention, we become open for the amazing abundance of the Universe to meet our needs and desires. Healing and change can be instant if we let go and allow ourselves to flow with the Universal Rhythm of Wholeness that connects everything. If we are ready, we will realize the power of our gifts to transform ourselves and the world. The Universal Web of Life is re-energized. NOW is the timing.

Walk on the Rainbow Path.


Good News!

Well, here we are almost at the end of 2013. This has been an intense time for all of us.

Our Universe has been moving through a Grand Universal Vortex for about the past twenty-five years. We entered this Vortex in 1988, reached the center in 2000, and from December Solstice 2012 to June Solstice 2013, we left the Vortex and entered the multi-dimensional Arc surrounding this vortex in time and space. Our existence has been forever changed.

On the physical level, the Universe, our planet, all the living creatures, and all of us are resonating with a new vibration. We feel this as a change in our breathing and heartbeat rhythms. Latent strands of our DNA have been triggered awake and  we are developing new abilities to assist our evolution into wholeness of being. All of the Fields of Knowledge within Universal Wisdom are available to us now so we will find new answers to our questions and creative solutions to our challenges. Our emotions are transmuting as we attempt to translate all of this into a way we can understand it. The Vortex energy has also brought us to a time of releasing, as we process both our old and stuck emotions, as well as those we carry from our Ancestors. Our lives are changing from the inside out and manifesting in the situations we are confronted with every day.

This is all a part of our spiritual journey. The Vortex is calling us home. We are the parents of a new species--One Planetary Energy Being with a common awareness. As we expand our awareness to encompass All That Is, our entire way of living will change. We are in for quite a grand adventure!

I have been busy this year updating and revising the Vortex Energy book and it will be published by Balboa press next year. The new edition of Vortex Energy :Creating a Doorway for Transformation and Evolution will have more information about the Grand Universal Vortex, Earth changes, DNA, and includes some new exercises. I am very excited about getting the Vortex out to assist everyone in making the transformation into the Fifth World.

Also, I have been interviewed by Susun Weed for Wise Woman Radio where we talked about the Taino Women's Lodge and the Food Mothers. You can hear this half hour webcast on the following links:



If you are local to Western NY, stop in at Lady of the Lake store on West Main Street to see my books and herbals. I am currently doing readings at the store and Vortex sessions nearby in Fredonia.


Above all, Keep making the Rainbow!

Taino Ti


Earth Day- Sacerd Tree Story

Earth Day is here and I urge everyone to do something special to honor the Earth and All Our Relations. No action is too small as everything we do has a cumulative effect. We are now in a window of time that will make the decision of our survival. I do not believe that it’s too late but I know that we have to start now and everyone needs to do their part.

Walk with the Rainbow. Spider

Song of the Sacred Tree

(From Songs of Bleeding)

The Tree of Life stands at the center of our world.  It is a huge tree with a trunk many yards across.  Her roots extend deep into the Earth, all the way to the Great Mother’s Womb and the offshoots of the great roots intertwine to weave a lattice under the ground upon which all peoples walk.  Creatures that live underground make their homes in the corners of the root lattice and are nourished by the connection of the great roots to the Sacred Womb.

The wide trunk of this Tree can cast a shadow over an entire village.  Indeed, it would take a large circle of people holding hands to surround her trunk.  The Tree of Life has been here since the beginning of the Earth.  Her ancient trunk has grown into crevices where children play by day and animals dream at night.  All of the distinctive folds and marks upon her giant trunk are a record of the events that have happened on the Earth.  This Grandmother of all trees is very special, for she holds within the many layers of her rings all the wisdom given to us by our Ancient Ancestors and all the wisdom gained through the experiences of our grandparents.

Extending upwards, high up for miles into the sky are the great leafy branches of the Tree of Life.  It is believed that her branches reach the whole way to the stars, and the Elders tell us that some of our original Ancestors made the long descent down the leafy branches and furrowed trunk to make their homes upon the Earth.  Indeed, the tallest of all trees connects the wisdom of the stars to the gifts of the Earth. 

The great leafy branches of the Ancient Tree extend for miles, shading and cooling the Earth.  Nests of many types of birds, insects and animals populate her abundant branches.  For all of the Earth children, the tree flowers, grows fruits, and provides for all of their needs.

People of all Earth clans once gathered every season to form a circle around her giant trunk and dance under her flowering branches because this Tree of Life reflects all life on Earth.  She was respected and honored by all of our Ancestors of every ancient tradition.  The songs and ceremonies in her honor were to thank her for her many gifts, and to ensure an abundance of life continuing on into the future.

The Ancient Tree is the keeper of energy and the home of the Spirit Ones.  The Guardians reside at the depths of the great roots and the tops of her sky branches.  From the beginning of the world, shamans have journeyed through the Great Tree to speak with the Guardians, seeking to bring their wisdom and guidance back to the people.  This, the greatest of all plants, not only provides our physical needs but also the way to the healing and protection of the Guardian Spirits.  She gives us harmony and balance, if we respect her.  We all live under the branches of the Tree of Life.

The Grandmothers are the keepers of the Tree.  The wise old women tend to pruning her branches when they lose their life energy, and they also take care of the plants and Earth that surround her giant trunk.  They plant the sacred foods at her roots and bring offerings of plants and herbs from the first harvest of their gardens to feed her spirit.

The Grandmothers carry the sacred baskets that are filled the wisdom and gifts from the Sacred Tree.  They bring these gifts and this knowledge to the community for all the clans to share.  And they take back our give-aways to the Tree, so that with our support she can continue to grow strong.

From the beginning of our world, we have lived within the harmony and abundance of the Sacred Tree.  The baskets of the Grandmothers were always full.  But, somewhere in time, the people began to let other concerns fill their lives.  They took the shade and the gifts of the Sacred Tree for granted.  Fewer and fewer of the people returned to the Tree each season to dance and sing to her.  Finally, they stopped giving away to the Tree as their gratitude was forgotten.

Now, at the beginning of a New World, the Sacred Tree is very sick.  The bark is peeling from her once thick and healthy trunk.  The fleshy, healing inner bark is beginning to dry up, as nourishment is choked off.  The Sacred Tree can no longer give away the medicinal bark to the people.  Many of the lattice roots are gone now, as poisons dumped into the water and buried under the ground have choked off their growth and the lives of many of the creatures who once lived within their weaving.  As the small outer roots die, part of the land loses support from the Sacred Tree of Life.  This land roughly shakes loose as MotherEarth quakes in her grief over the illness of the Tree.  MotherEarth knows that the roots are our foundation of truth.  She grieves because we are poisoning ourselves and our families.  The great roots are still intact and the spirits cry out messages from their depths.  But, who hears their call, their urgent request?

The once great branches are thinning and many of them are now leafless.  Flowers and fruits are fewer each season.  The branches also suffer the effects from toxins, those we have released into the air.  Winds that are filled with hate and destructiveness rise up from the place of the people and also contribute to the wilting of the branches and the leaves of the Sacred Tree.  As the branches of the Sacred Tree become thin, more sunlight reaches the Earth and her creatures, creating a warmer environment.   The atmosphere thins.  Nothing can live without the shade of the sacred Tree.  Many of the birds, insects and animals that made their nests in her branches are gone and will never return.  Many of her beautiful blossoms will never be seen again.  But the way is still open to the wisdom of the stars.  Will we listen to this wisdom before these branches, too, are gone?

Perhaps the people have forgotten about the Sacred Tree.  Perhaps we have forgotten that if the Tree ceases to exist, so do we.  Perhaps the few of us who do look upon her wilting branches feel her pain, but do not know how to help her.

The Ancient Grandmothers are still caring for the Tree.  They tenderly prune the branches and knead the bare Earth at her roots.  The Grandmothers sing to the Tree while they work, and give her healing and love.  They help the displaced creatures find new homes, but only sometimes are they able to heal their hurts.  Although they have kept the Tree alive until now, the Grandmothers can not bring back her beauty without the help of the people.  They patiently wait for their grandchildren to remember.

The baskets of the Grandmothers are empty now.  The Sacred Tree has precious little left to give to us.  It is now time for all of the people to make give-aways so that the Tree can be helped and grow strong again.  It is the responsibility of all of us to care for the tree, to clean up the garbage around her roots, and to feed her to make her strong again.  It is our responsibility to change the winds that destroy life by replacing all of our thoughts with those of love and kindness for all life, at all times.

When all of the grandchildren awaken to their connection as a family, the circle of clans will once again come together to sing and dance around the Sacred Tree.  When the people remember the source of their gifts, the Grandmothers will once again carry overflowing baskets to the Tree.  If all of us do whatever we can to give back to the Sacred Tree of Life and speak to everyone we know to help them also remember, then, as we enter the New World, the Tree will be a pathway for us as it was for our Ancestors.  The Tree will allow us passage into another world of great beauty and abundance.  If we forget about the Tree and let her die, the way will not be open for us to enter the New World, and we will have denied the very lives of all of our grandchildren.

Medicine Wheel for 2013

Here’s what the energy brings for this year, 2013. On the spiritual level, we are strengthening our Earth connection and realigning our connection with the Universal Mind. If we haven’t already done so, this is the time when we each must remember the piece of Universal Wisdom that we brought to share and make a commitment to bring this wisdom into our daily life and share it with others. Realigning with the Universal Mind, the Heart of Heaven, is transforming our present spiritual practices and reawakening our spiritual connection with the Earth Mother. It is essential that we each spend time sitting on the Earth, listening to MotherEarth’s heartbeat and aligning with natural rhythms of life. The environmental crisis is still growing and will continue to create a more imbalanced way of living on the planet until we decided to do something about it. We have very little time before another natural disaster will remind us to live more gently on the Earth. It is up to each one of us right now to choose to live in a more sustainable way. Many people making individual choices can influence those who need direction and create new ways of living that replenish the Earth. Those responsible for large companies, budgets, and lawmakers are now faced with choices that affect our survival and the survival of many other species. Let’s trust that this realignment with Heart of Heaven will find us all working together to make the Earth a healthy and happy place to live for ourselves, our children, and their children.

On the physical level, manifestation is happening more quickly as we align our thoughts and feelings with creative energy. Everything we think or say is passed along more rapidly now and has the potential to manifest immediately. Literally, you are creating the world around you every minute through your thoughts. On a mental level, many new ideas are coming forth at this time to be shared and developed into new technology for living. We see new technology manifesting around us every day already, and soon we will see alternate technology brought forth to usher in new ways to communicate and create.

On a feeling level, we are opening to the heart songs of others which will lead to more intuitive communication. It is necessary for each one of us to be fully attentive in our dealings with others in order to awaken the energy web that allows us to collectively function as One Being. On an energetic level, the Universal Vortex is open and the Universal Mind has triggered the energy vibration that will rearrange our DNA and our cellular structure.

Things may seem overwhelming now as energy shifts rapidly. Our physical bodies need extra time to rest and integrate the energy coming from the Universe. We need extra rest to allow cellular and DNA transformations to occur. This happens most easily while we are sleeping because we are most receptive when we are asleep. Our minds need time away from thinking through rest and meditation that stills the mind. It is very important to take regular personal time to keep balanced. This may mean slowing down activities and making priorities to choose the most important area to extend energy. With so much changing inside our bodies, we can easily burn out if we keep up a schedule with too many outside activities going on. Headaches, stomach aches, flu like symptoms and weakened immune systems are just a few messages from our bodies that tell us when we are out of balance. This is a time of letting go of that which is unnecessary for personal survival. Know that when you give up activities or possessions, your life will become richer.

We are transforming into a new species of humans, a species I would like to think of as more compassionate, creative, and honoring of our environment. The world has begun anew. The spiritual, energetic, thought, emotional and physical structures of all life forms is rearranging. The structure of the planet itself is rearranging as well. We can no longer survive unless we remember why we came to the Earthwalk and take responsibility for creating the New World that we came here to usher in.

☼ After 2012 ☼

I think we were all glad to see the year 2012 come to an end. It was an intense year for many people, bringing changes in health, job situations, and personal relationships. Many of us were relieved that the doomsday prophecies (as the media hyped it) did not come to pass. But the true prophecy of the Mayan Calendar has been given little coverage and few really understand the message that the Mayans bring to us regarding this special time.

Recently I spent time with Miguel Sague, Taino indigenous spiritual guide and co-founder of the Maya Taino Initiative, an organization dedicated to sharing the truth about the Mayan Calendar teachings. (Maya Taino Initiative.com, Caney Indian Spiritual Circle.com) Together with Maya Taino Initiative co-founder Antonio Ah Ik, Miguel has been traveling and sharing the message given to them by Mayan Calendar shaman and day-keeper Telesforo Itzep of Guatemala.

The Mayans call this time the “World Age Shift”, referring to the end of one Long Count cycle on the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of another Long Count. In interpreting this significance, it is important to know that the Mayans did not perceive time in the linear way that we do today. The big difference between the Gregorian and ancient Mayan perception of a cycle is the fact that in the Gregorian system, time is seen as a long linear process in which there is always forward progress from cycle to cycle, with one cycle ending and an entirely new one taking its place. The ancient Mayan perception of a cycle was circular, with the ending of a cycle becoming an actual return to the beginning. The old cycle itself (not a separate successor) was expected to be reborn, begin anew, and make the journey all over again. This is a process that goes on and on, repeating indefinitely. 

Basically, the Mayan Calendar is made up of Kins (days) that follow cycles of various lengths called: Unials (20 days), Tuns (18 Unials or 360 days), Katuns (20 Tuns or 7200 days), and Baktuns (20 Katuns or 144,000 days). Thirteen Baktuns comprise one “World Age” or “Sun” (about 5,200 years) and five World Ages (approximately 26,000 years) make one Evolutionary Cycle.

On December 21 of this year, we reached the end of this Evolutionary Cycle on the Mayan Calendar. Planet Earth was at the exact location to align with the Heart of Heaven at the center of our galaxy. Planet Earth reaches this location every 260 centuries (26,000 years or the length of time in five World Ages). The number 260 has symbolic importance to note, as it takes about 260 days for the gestation of a human baby inside the womb and the end/begining of the Evolutionary Cycle is a time of human spiritual rebirth. Coincidentally, it takes roughly 260 centuries for light emitted at the bright glowing center of our galaxy to reach planet Earth. This light is a transmitter of cosmic and spiritual information which originates at the very center of the Universe and can only reach us when the galaxy, Sun and Earth are in perfect alignment with each other. During these rare moments, which the Mayans refer to as the rebirth of the Sun (for the Sun actually appears to rise up straight from the galaxy center), humans have an opportunity to remember our spiritual nature and create a new way of living.

We are dealing with cycles, so this shift, which is essentially a change of consciousness, is not a one day event; rather we have been experiencing this cosmic re-focusing for about the past twenty-five years and will continue to do so for quite awhile. The world as we know it is already being reborn. The supporters of Doomsday are also feeling this momentum, and they created the 2012 hype out of fear for the changes they know are coming because they are hanging on to old ways of thinking. As we all know, the world did not end in 2012. The Mayan day-keepers tell us that the world can not end; it just goes on forever in its cycles, growing and changing form. However, individual species can come to an end. Our relationship with the Earth will determine if humankind as a species will continue to evolve during this new cycle or if we chose to destroy the very resources that are crucial for our survival. Each one of us has the power right now to make important choices that will determine our collective future.

To get an idea of what lies ahead, let’s take a look at the past. The beginning of the most recent 260 century Evolutionary Cycle of Five World Ages (the cycle that ended on 12/21/12) began during the Ice Age in human pre-history, about 24,000 BC. By that time, humans were scattered over the surface of the planet living in small nomadic family or clan units. Our ancestors had physically adapted to different environments and were becoming distinct races. Around 24,000 BC, small groups of previously isolated people began encountering each other in their travels to hunt the Ice Age mammals that they subsisted on. Communication was probably achieved through gestures and sounds so that people could identify others and work together.

Humans were just beginning to take the first steps into the realm of spirituality around 24,000 BC. We know this because the evidence of spiritual and ritual behavior was first recorded on cave walls and made into small figurines that have been preserved and scientifically dated. Spiritual experiences required the development of a new and unique system of communication needed to share and record such abstract concepts as emotions, dreams, and spiritual inspirations. Shamanism emerged as an activity to express the sacred, mark the passage of life, and celebrate the bond between early humans and the fertile Earth Mother.

The arts developed as a way to express the spiritual aspect of life. The shaman (or spiritual leader) was an artist creating external representations of an inner spiritual reality. Drawing, sculpture and painting recorded sacred images. Now individuals had a way to express highly personal experiences. Others in the group could relate to the images and thus communication of the unseen became possible. Music and dance, poetry, storytelling, and drama were included in the sacred. The oldest images that have been found are goddess figures exemplifying the abundance of the feminine, a metaphor for the Mother Earth. Ancient cave paintings show images of humans playing flutes, and ritual-like behavior related to hunting, gathering wild honey, and burying the dead. The production of shamanic art that began around the year 24,000 BC was prolific, producing a large body of extraordinarily compelling artwork that continued in earnest for several centuries.

In the process of expressing their inner visions, it was necessary for ancient humans to create new tools and techniques. They had to discover the proper natural materials to use to bring their spiritual visions into form— where to find pigments, dyes and clay, and how to develop tools to shape various substances.  Early humans also needed a way to express sound and movement, so they invented musical instruments that could manipulate sound in new and different ways. They needed to create words that could describe many previously unexpressed abstract concepts so that they could share their visions through poetry, storytelling, and song. This period of time, around 24,000 BC, ushered in a technological revolution that has become the foundation for spiritual and artistic expression in our cultures today. We can still see exciting examples of the way in which this process unfolded if we look at modern-day shamanic Earth based societies such as the K’ung tribes of the Kalahari Desert of South Africa, the indigenous nations of the Amazon River basin, and the rainforest dwellers of the New Guinea interior.

The product of that technological revolution, based on archeological findings, demonstrates to us that about 26,000 years ago humans enthusiastically delved into areas of technology and invention that had never been explored before. In essence, humans went through a tremendous growth period that not only greatly expanded their spiritual experience, but encouraged the development of new technology to express those experiences. Art eventually became a powerful media for the publication of ideas. The level of spoken communication advanced to include abstract concepts and eventually written symbols to represent spoken sounds. More complex communication skills encouraged cooperation among early humans who settled in small communities and worked together to eventually develop and sustain agriculture. 

According to the Mayan Calendar, we have returned to the beginning of the cycle and can expect a rebirth of the human species comparable in magnitude to the technological revolution of 26,000centuries ago (24,000 BC). It is likely that this will include a spiritual rebirth—a reconciliation of cultural differences and recognition of all humans as part of one family with a unity of purpose. The communication rebirth is already taking place, with the development of the Internet for global sharing and the potential of computers as a media of expression. It is likely that our way of communicating will advance in leaps and bounds as new ways are discovered to express ideas through art, music, dance, theater, and spoken and written words. New tools will undoubtedly be created to express new insights and ideas.

The foundation for this rebirth is awakening now in the form of new vehicles for sharing new ideas and new collectively-run organizations for reaching out to help others in our communities. It is my idea that communication will begin to transcend spoken words to become communication through feelings, awakening a heart connection with others. Eventually communication through shared feelings will lead us back to a renewed spiritual connection with our planet, the provider of everything that we need for living. Just as life changed so dramatically for our ancient ancestors 26,000 years ago, we have the potential now to make major changes that will transform the very definition of our human species.

So, what happens after 2012? The ancient Mayans left this remarkable calendar 260 centuries ago as a legacy so that their distant grandchildren would know the significance of this special time. What are we going to leave our distant grandchildren as our legacy for their future? That, my friends, is up to us. We live at such an exciting time, a time that will not be seen again by our future grandchildren for many centuries. To be alive at this time is to be given a special gift. The choices we make directly affect the evolution of our human species.



Further information about Miguel Sague and the Caney Indian   Spiritual Circle can be found at www.caneycircle.owlweb.org    and Maya-Taino Initiative can be found at   www.mayatainoprophecy.webs.com


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DNA Footnote:

Four strands of our human DNA are simultaneously awakening at this time (I estimate this occurring between 1987 and 2050.) Perhaps that is why we are all feeling such an urgent quickening. Humans are changing more rapidly now than at any other time since our Ancestors learned to stand upright. The first humans, our Ancient Ancestors, walked the planet with all 12 strands of DNA fully awake. They had gifts and abilities that enabled them to do may things that we can not. Somehow during evolution, the use of most of our DNA was suppressed. The two gifts of DNA associated with the two strands of DNA that remained awake and functioning are creativity and logic. Creativity has enabled us to manifest our visions, beautify the environment, and mold the world to make life comfortable and interesting. Logic developed to help us understand the world around us. Beginning with the creation stories, logic enabled us to develop language, math, science, systems of governments and social status.

The four strands of DNA awakening within us right now develop gifts that will help us evolve into the Fifth Dimension and beyond. These are the skills that will enable us to perceive thoughts and energy, communicate with energy, and work with our Energy Webs. We are already starting to work with these gifts but we are just scratching the surface of our potential. Telepathy, prophecy, manifestation and healing, when developed to their full potential, will enable us to function as whole beings within the new dimension of the Fifth World. In the Fifth World, we will experience nonverbal communication within the loving space of the heart-- we will be able to perceive time lines in order to experience the past, all dimensions of the present, and the future-- we will be able to hold clear thoughts and have them manifest instantly-- and we will experience a merging of our Spirit Essence with our mental and physical bodies that will bring total health and comfort. In other words, the development of these four strands of DNA will bring us into a Wholeness of Being where we will live as ONE with each other, the planet and the Universe, as creators of our existence.


Keep Walking With The Rainbow,