This past year has been a crazy and intense time for everyone as we continue personal releasing and work out our new vibrational patterns. Over the past few years, we have been personally integrating the influx of spiritual energy from the 2012 Doorway, which was not a one-day event but a period of time lasting several generations. As if that were not enough, our nations and the planet continue releasing and working out new vibrational patterns. Right now everything appears pretty overwhelming and chaotic. Know that there is a plan and we are each here right now to see the marvelous awakening unfolding.

We had a few years, 3013, 2014 and 2015, where energy seemed to be stagnating. I thought of it in terms of the seed that we plant in the garden. When we first put the seed in the ground, nothing seems to be happening but there is really plenty going on within that seed. Since everything happens first as an energy vibration, the seed is 'dreaming its dream' to get ready for life. Physiological processes follow and finally the sprout appears and breaks open the soil to touch the sun. For us, those years were the time to refine our goals, reconnect with our purpose for living and decide what is really important. We each did a lot of hard work under the surface. This year, 2016, the door opened and brought opportunities and choices. Many of us were involved in personal healing, facing our fears and questioning our role in our work and personal relationships. As we break through the surface, we manifest what we have been holding in our thoughts and in our hearts throughout this process.

As a nation and as a planet, the process is similar. If we look around, we can see those who are going through healing crises, facing their fears and finding their strength. Unfortunately the media perpetuates confusion by holding up as role models those who are stuck in the process of resisting change rather than those who are supporting new ways of healing and sharing compassionately. Greed thinking of the Fourth World still dominates the actions of those in power and importance of self seems to be the norm. The political circus of the past year illustrates this point perfectly. How important was the concern for our environment, and for the welfare of all of our brothers and sisters? We were given a choice of slow, painful change or quick, painful change. But change we must. Have we learned our lessons, or has the Trickster Spirit returned with yet a bigger lesson to teach us how to live together in harmony?

Its time to stand together as One. Not together under a particular political ideology, but as a family related by our common humanness. As we move into the Fifth World, four gifts are awakening within our DNA that help us realize that we are not just physical beings, but that each of us has an energy body as well, and that our energy bodies are all connected. Your energy body, or Energy Web, is the matrix of the person you are and is influenced by your thoughts and feelings. Now science can prove what we already knew: that your thoughts create your reality, including your health, life situations and well being. Science can also prove that our thoughts affect other people, and the plants, animals and entire planet. We are, in effect, One Energy Being.


I think of 2017 as the "Year of the Golden Doorway" as Grandmother Twylah called this time. We are moving beyond our boundaries. Energy is extremely unstable right now and it is precisely this instability that we require, for when energy has no predicable pattern it can easily take on the form that is influencing it the most. Personally, that form is your primary thoughts and beliefs. Socially, that form is what most of the people think and believe.

Each on of us is a powerful creator. It all starts with you. Going beyond our boundary takes us out of our comfort zone, however it is incredibly freeing to make the choice. What are you going to create? If we occupy our minds with fears, we limit our creative abilities. If we envision what we require, reach out our hands to our neighbors in peace, and simply choose to live the way we desire, the world must change to accommodate our energy.

We will continue to experience greed until we create a system in which everyone's needs are met. If we each think and act following the thought "All for One, One for All", we can create that system. We don't require anyone outside of ourselves to make the change for us, we can do it by making individual choices. When enough of us choose, the world must change.

In the Taino Caney Circle spirituality, it is recognized that within this era humans face a choice- the reawakening of our potential as a species or the destruction of all that sustains our survival. The Caney Circle has a beautiful prophecy for this time. It states that the sound of the guamo (shell) shall once again be heard over the mountains, calling the people to reawaken and come together in Reconciliation. Spiritual warriors of Global Renewal will emerge, providing an example to connect the human race as One People. Are you one of the Spiritual Warriors? All it takes is reaching out your hand to connect with others in harmony, knowing that we are really One People; and a choice to live in harmony with the Earth, sustaining our natural resources as our great Gifts of Life.

Think about your own journey through this time. Be gentle and patient with yourself. If you are not feeling comfortable, ask if this is part of the transition and what you need to learn so you can move past it. It is never too late to change your thoughts. Gratitude is important. Take a moment every day to be grateful for what has crossed your path. Be grateful for even the lessons, as they each bring a hidden gift behind the hardship. Sparkle your eyes at everyone you meet, and when they sparkle back you will see the same Spirit Essence reflected back to you. Think positive thoughts and create the most amazing possibilities for yourself and the world.

When I did my ceremony of Gratitude this year, I was given a Medicine Wheel for 2017. I put these words on the Wheel beginning at January and used my colors with January as my first color. If you want to work with your colors, you could also start with your first color on your birth month. My suggestion is to take one word a day and think about how you can work with that quality for positive growth.

Learn Lovely

Honor Strong

Know Bright

See Flexible

Hear Abundant

Speak Loud

Love Willing

Serve Hearts

Live World

Create Future

Share Gift

Thank Truth

1. We are as Lovely as we think.

2. We are as Strong as the trees.

3. We are as Bright as the stars.

4. We are as Flexible as the wind.

5. We are as Abundant as we accept.

6. We are as Loud as the wind.

7. We are Willing if our hands reach out to join others in the circle.

8. Our Hearts are as full as our love.

9. Our World is as healthy as our intentions.

10. Our Future is a bright as our dreams.

11. Our Gift is enough if we make it count.

12. Our Truth is all there is.
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