Grandmothers of the Four Winds   Cover design c. 2002, Peter Shefler

Grandmothers of the Four Winds

Cover design c. 2002, Peter Shefler




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Grandmothers of the Four Winds

Join four Grandmothers as they share the wisdom of the Spirit Teachers in this short story about the Medicine Wheel teachings.

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Excerpts from Grandmothers of the Four Winds


South Grandmother:
“The Web of Life is a beautiful braid that connects the energy of all living beings as Relations…It’s time for the Two-Leggeds to remember their family, the Earth family, and honor this connection with every Creature Being that walks on the Earth…”

West Grandmother:
“Each person makes a promise when she or he comes into the Earthwalk…Enter the Silence and listen to your spirit essence… Do you remember who you are?”

North Grandmother:
“MotherEarth gives us everything that we need, all of the time…I remind the people to live in harmony with the land and to remember their role as caretakers of MotherEarth. Our gratitude energizes MotherEarth and gives her life…”

East Grandmother:
“The people must remember that we carry a spirit essence inside. Our spirit essence remembers the light that brought all life into being…When we honor our spirit essence, we create inner peace…”