"The Vortex 2014" Digital art by Kathryn Strick, DBA KAStrick Designs,  www.kastrickdesigns.com

"The Vortex 2014" Digital art by Kathryn Strick, DBA KAStrick Designs, www.kastrickdesigns.com


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Vortex Energy: Creating A Doorway For Transformation And Evolution

Vortex Energy Creating A Doorway For transformation And Evolution by Spider, published by Balboa press 2015

Vortex Energy Creating A Doorway For transformation And Evolution by Spider, published by Balboa press 2015

Spider first received the Vortex Healing information over a period of about four years through a series of messages from beings from the constellation Lyre. As she worked with the personal Vortex, Spider developed a system of using Vortex Energy which she utilizes in private sessions and teaches in workshops.

An energy Vortex can easily be made with your hands and used to align personal energy vibrations with the Fifth World. This workbook for Spider’s Vortex Energy classes is a manual for personal and planetary healing. This is the newly revised edition of Spider’s Vortex Energy workbook including twice as many Vortex exercises and a new section on Earth Changes, DNA, and working with Triangular Healing Configurations.









Wise people from every tradition have spoken about the present as the time when humanity will either destroy themselves and the planet or awaken to a new consciousness that will become the foundation for the evolution of a new species.


Many people are now developing the gifts to envision a positive future based on our role as conscious creators. Using Vortex Energy is one way that we can assist with the present dimensional changes. Through special hand placements, the Vortex uses the electromagnetic energy field of our bodies to polarize our energy. The harmonizing energy of the Vortex aligns our Spirit Essence to wholeness, our mind to peace, and our physical body to healing, thus shifting our energy vibration and triggering DNA changes on a cellular level so that we can adapt and survive in the Fifth World.


"Spider puts thirty years of working with Vortex Energy into form in this beautiful book. It's filled with nuggets. My favorite paragraph is, "We cannot assume that our own perception is best for manifesting evolutionary changes for ourselves, another person or even Mother Earth. Indeed, our personal perception may limit the possibilities of the Vortex. Therefore, once we create the Vortex, we...allow the energy to do what it needs to do...Trust that you will be guided during this process. Amazing things happen for those who are sincerely ready to receive the abundance of the Universe." p. 42

Hollis Melton, herbalist and publisher of Songs of Bleeding





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Spider is available in the Western New York area for two hour sessions of personal energy alignment using the Vortex. There are many ways of using Vortex Healing Energy, and each session will consist of what is needed by the recipient at that time, so no two sessions are exactly alike. It is recommended that you allow several hours of unscheduled time after the session to integrate the energy alignment.


To book a Vortex Energy session, contact Spider at spiderherbs@gmail.com. 



The Universe exists as a simplistic rhythm through which very complex forms have manifested. The basic forms of the Universe are geometric energy configurations that create the foundation for every living thing. It’s time to remember the rhythm.



Vortex Energy is about accessing Universal awareness so that we can evolve, along with our planet Earth, using the most positive path to manifest the Light of Love. We are now living in a New World. Our way of thinking is being called to enhance a new vision of unity with all life. Survival for our human species depends on each one of us becoming aware of the Web of Life—the energy web that connects all beings. Every thought that we have, every word we speak, and every action we give reaches out to touch all life on this Earth and beyond. Dimensions are shifting, revealing potential way beyond our present state of bring. We must remember who we are and why we are living at this crucial time.


We now live in the Fifth World where the use of “I” as a concept is obsolete. Each individual must remember that we are individual physical manifestations of one collective energy being. This makes us family. WE ARE ALL RELATIONS. As Relations, we share one energy, one mind, one spirit, one body and one planet.

During this time of Earth changes, we must begin to live accordingly. Each one of us is being called to return to the Sacred Tree to join in reconnecting the Web of Life. The dance of evolution quickens. A pulse flies through the Web, awakening awareness. WE ARE ONE. We live, breathe and vibrate in harmony with MotherEarth and All Our Relations. Let all of our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions reflect this way of being. Let each of us become role models for our children. We are the parents of the new species, the “We” people.

Our way of thinking is being called to embrace a new vision of spiritual unity including all life. Survival for our species depends on each one of us becoming aware of the Web of Life—the Energy Web that connects all beings. We must realize that every thought and feeling we have, every word we speak, and every action reaches out to touch all life on this Earth and beyond. It is time to remember who we are and why we are living at this crucial time. Dimensions are shifting, revealing a potential way beyond anything that was available for our grandparents. It is up to each one of us to open a clear energy channel to anchor the new dimensions. We are the Creators.

Vortex Energy: Creating A Doorway For Transformation And Evolution is written to share information about Vortex Energy, which is the term that I have used for more than thirty years to define what happens when you create and work with geometrical energy configurations. My knowledge of Vortex began when I received the Vortex symbol on my first vision quest. I began to use this symbol for healing in the late 1980’s, being taught through a series of messages from beings that identified themselves as Star People from Lyre. ‘Vortex’ is the term that the Star People use to describe these teachings of energy transformation. They told me that they are giving this information back to the people of Earth now so that we can remember how to use the Vortex to create our future.

Vortex Energy is about actualizing Universal awareness so that we, and our planet, can evolve using the most positive path to manifest the Light of Love. It is a method of using personal, planetary, and universal energy for healing and evolution. Each person who uses the Vortex can easily translate this healing energy within the context of their spiritual understanding. Personal use of the Vortex serves the same function as Reiki, Polarity, Therapeutic Touch and other methods of healing, including hands on massage and bodywork. The uniqueness of the Vortex Energy work is that it is multi-dimensional.




Excerpt from:


© Spider 2008


Sacred Geometry holds everything in the Universe together. We call the geometric shapes sacred because without them there would be no life. The Universe is comprised of holographic geometric energy forms in numerical combinations: each one is an equation for manifesting energy into form. The energy grid of every individual is made up of holographic geometric forms constantly interacting with each other to create what we call reality. The holographic geometric forms are the building blocks that make up the underlying energy structure that determines what each physical body will look like. These holographic geometric forms are easily influenced by any other energy that they come into contact with, so they are always shifting and changing.

When the shining energy beings that would become the planets, suns and stars emerged from the Great Mystery’s dream of creation, they were simply masses of holographic geometric forms that moved out into the Universe. Each of these energy/holographic forms was programmed to follow a particular role within the Great Mystery’s plan for the Universe and encoded with unique combinations of colors and sounds. As the masses of holographic geometric forms entered their rotations and slowed down their vibrations, they began to take on physical characteristics and achieve a solid body in this physical dimension. It took many millions of years (as we know time) for the physical planet that we call MotherEarth to take shape. In fact, the world we live in today is but a momentary glimpse inside the evolutionary development of the holographic geometric forms that make up our planet Earth.

Every other being in the Universe has developed the same way.  We each originated as a thought within Great Mystery’s dream of creation, emerged from the dream as a shining energy being, and then went out as a mass of holographic geometric forms to shape a physical body still inside our mother’s womb. During this process, we made some major decisions about this lifetime based on our programming from the Great Mystery’s dream. Choices such as gender, nationality and nation of birth were chosen before we entered the Earthwalk so that we could play our part in the evolution of the Universe. We also chose our parents, talents and special abilities as well as major lessons and challenges that we would encounter so that we could learn and grow while we are here.  Our physical bodies and the situations that we would encounter here were all encoded in the holographic geometric forms that make the foundation for our personal Earthwalk.

We carry these holographic geometrical forms within our Energy Web throughout our Earthwalk. We also carry colors and sounds that have special vibrations unique to our role in this Earthwalk. When we remember our geometric patterning, keep surrounded with our rainbow of colors, sing our healing sounds, and keep our thoughts and actions in harmony with the Great Mystery’s dream, then our lives will be filled with peace. Indeed, Sacred Geometry is the blueprint for maintaining balance in our personal life as well as the evolution of our species and planet.

Each creature that we see around us also has a foundation made of holographic geometric forms with a similar story of evolution. Even beings such as rocks, which are not scientifically categorized as living beings, are made of holographic geometric forms and subject to change and evolve as their energy interacts with other energy. Thus, these beings are also sacred Relations in the Web of Life, for we affect each other and therefore are intricately tied together in an evolutionary process designed by the Great Mystery. There are also beings inhabiting all of the other planets, suns and stars in the Universe and we are able to interact with many of them. Our Universal Relations may have physical bodies quite different than ours or bodies of pure light, sound or energy. Our evolution is bound together as the story of the Universe, unfolding as holographic geometric forms create physical and energetic forms on many dimensions to experience living from every possible point of view. Understanding this relationship between all beings goes above and beyond our present scientific knowledge and calls us to remember the Universal Wisdom and Universal Laws.

The Universe communicates through geometric shapes. Unspoken intuitive communications travel in geometric form through energy vibrations, light, color and sound. These geometric shapes go out from a source to touch everything there is. Once the geometric shapes are formed, they keep traveling until they reach the very end of the Universe. Even if you do not see, hear or feel them, they can still touch every other being. The Great Law--or Universal Law of relationships between all beings living in harmony within the Web of Life--is encoded within Sacred Geometry. Our present day language, mathematics, art and science are all based on Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry carries the triggers for remembering Universal Wisdom. The geometric shapes are encoded within the structure of our DNA. Originally humans were given a twelve stranded DNA and each of these strands was encoded with a geometric shape to give us the gifts and abilities that we would need to survive here on this planet. We have lost the use of ten of those strands of DNA, or we may have been intentionally prevented from using these strands and accessing much of the Universal Wisdom that we need for our species’ survival. Now that our planet has entered a New World, we are experiencing a shift within our holographic geometric forms and it is possible to regain the use of our dormant strands of DNA.

At this time, the Star People are returning to give us back the triggers. It is up to each one of us to REMEMBER. When we do remember, the lost strands of DNA will begin to awaken and reweave together. Right now we are experiencing an evolutionary shift. We are becoming a new human species. The opportunity is here now for everyone’s DNA to awaken and become whole once again.

REMEMBER. Look to the symbols that the Ancient Ancestors of every land left carved on the rocks, painted on cave walls, and wove into fabrics, stories, and traditions. These were the original instructions for living given by the Great Mystery. There are stone tablets and scrolls with this information on it that have been buried and hidden away in many lands. They will be rediscovered and the teachings will speak again. The Medicine People were the first to work with Sacred Geometry. They used the symbols in ceremony and to contemplate the mysteries of the Universe. From these ceremonies, math and language, healing practices, and visual and performing arts developed. During this time of awakening, as our geometric encoding is triggered, we will discover new ways of expression and communication that will expand our ways of living into multiple dimensions.

DNA itself is Sacred Geometry. Look at the spiral of the double helix with diamond shapes stacked on top of each other forming a twisted ladder. This is the physical manifestation of the energetic/holographic diamond Vortex Ladder that carries the Spirit Essence from the Spirit World to the physical world and back again. Each of the strands that make up our personal twisted Vortex Ladder of DNA is composed of a string of geometric shapes that are encoded with bits of Universal Wisdom. The Universal wisdom within our DNA helps us manifest the person that we chose to become and develop the gifts that we brought with us into the Earth Walk. These strings of geometric shapes, or DNA, are very intricate and complex. They hold the codes not only for our present life, but for knowing the past through our Ancestor’s memories, all the way back to the formation of the Universe. They also hold the keys for the development of our species as the whole and complete beings that we were envisioned to be in the Great Mystery’s dream.

Each of the twelve strands of DNA has a special ability (or gift) and a shape, color and sound. Our First Ancestors carried a complete DNA, with all twelve strands fully functioning. The original human DNA carried the awakened geometric shapes that are the triggers for these gifts and abilities. Our First Ancestors knew how to use these gifts. They could communicate with the plants and animals. Much of what we know about medicine plants, edible foods and survival skills were told to our First Ancestors by the plants and animals that shared their environment. Our First Ancestors knew many ways of healing that we do not remember, for they had the gift of intuitively knowing what was needed when situations arose. They were masters at regeneration, transportation, and manifestation. They could travel anywhere as evidenced by similar carvings and symbols in many geographically diverse places.

Somewhere along the evolutionary line, some of these strands of DNA were disconnected. Most of us have lost the wisdom of these gifts save a few indigenous wise people who still humbly display their talents in small ceremonies and private healing practices. Now is the time for all humans to reawaken the geometric forms and learn how to use these gifts once again.

It has taken four worlds for humans to evolve and develop the gifts associated with the first two strands of our DNA (Creativity and Logic). The rest of our latent strands of DNA will reconnect at different times as our energy shifts to accommodate the dimensional changes of evolution into the Fifth World, Sixth World and Seventh World. At this time (as we enter the Fifth World), the gifts of Telepathy, Prophecy, Manifestation and Healing are simultaneously beginning to awaken as we enter the Fifth World.

During the past decade up until 2012, the paths of all the Time Lines- all of the dimensions of Universal Awareness- are converging into one point. For what I believe is the first time in the evolution of the human species, we have the ability to move between these dimensions. When we perceive the other dimensions (which are right here with us all this time); we can change our awareness, life situations, physical health, and emotional balance in an instant.

The Vortex opens up the doorway. When we create the diamond Vortex, we instantly reconnect with the Grand Universal Energy Web. While in this space, our own Energy Web is triggered by the Universal Geometric Forms that are the matrix for living. All of the dimensions of Universal Awareness are in the Vortex. All we need to do is open the Vortex and allow our energy to be touched by the Universal Energy Web.


The abilities of the twelve strands of DNA are:

1. Creativity- The ability to use our hands to create images envisioned in the mind.

2. Logic- Ordered thinking and methods of reasoning.

3. Telepathy- The ability to transfer thoughts through nonverbal communication.

4. Prophecy- Knowing what will occur before it happens.

5. Manifestation- Using thoughts to create physical objects and situations.

6. Healing- Harmonious alignment between body, mind, and spirit.

7. Empathy- Experiencing another’s energy to know what they think, feel, and need.

8. Regeneration- The ability to rebuild body parts when needed.

9. Teleportation- Instantaneous traveling to other locations and dimensions.

10. Transmutation- The ability to release physical form & change energetic form at will.

11. Fusion- The ability to merge your Spirit Essence with all life as one awareness.

12. Omniscient- Knowing the story and wisdom of all worlds and dimensions within the    

     Universe. Becoming the Great Mystery.








The Vortex is an open door

Changes resonate through the Vibral Core

Standing in Truth, we open free

The channels to our Eternity.

Breathe deep and enter the place of Trust

To release Limitation is our must

When we enter the Diamond, our Wings unfurl

And we are transformed in its Central Whirl.

Expansion is evolving into the Unity of the Sun

In the Arcs, this process has begun

As we open perception to the Universal Memory

We can envision the World as it might be.

Love is the only Place to keep our Thoughts

Peace is the only Action we have Sought

When we stand in Trust, we are Ready to Change

And inside the Vortex we will Rearrange.







Everything that exists everywhere originated within the Universal Dream.

Within the Dream World, forever before time existed, the Great Mystery that moves all things dreamed a long and very beautiful dream. The thought for life was conceived within the dream. This thought envisioned two worlds; the Spirit World where all spirit essence and potential exists, and the physical world where all possible forms can manifest and experience living.

Through the dream, the Great Mystery could experience every possible awareness in every dimension. The thought for life grew and became so expansive that it envisioned a myriad of life forms in many dimensions inhabiting many suns, stars and galaxies over vast reaches of infinite space. Each individual life form would have a unique purpose and point of view. Each individual life form would contribute equally to the dance of the dream unfolding, enabling the Great Mystery to experience All There Is. When all of the life forms on one world evolve to the point of merging together, that world would experience wholeness. When all worlds experience wholeness, the Universe will resonate once again as the Oneness of the Great Mystery. Thus, through the creation of life, the Great Mystery experiences being on all levels, in every dimension, on every world.

This dream has been unfolding for many billions of years as each sun, star, planet, and each creature being that would inhabit all the dimensions, manifested in physical form and took their places in the Dream of Life. Each life form began as a thought, an energy that traveled throughout the Universe, gathering the necessary elements to create the physical form that would enable it to experience its part in the dream. As the thought energy grew, it created a grand Energy Web.

The Universe consists of millions of Energy Webs. Each thought envisioned in the Universal Dream went out and gathered energy to manifest a physical form, carrying with it the vibration, light, colors, sounds and an electromagnetic charge compatible with its specific form. These qualities surrounded the original thought and merged together to weave an Energy Web. Every person, creature, plant and tree, stone- indeed all things- has an Energy Web. Planets, suns and stars have Energy Webs too. The Energy Webs shine with colors, light and sound energy; continually pulsing and glowing. They move together, connect and move away from each other, changing as they go. The never ending dance of Energy Webs is the Light of Life.

When you were still inside your mother preparing to enter the Earth Walk, Grandmother Spider wove your Energy Web around your physical body, anchoring your thought for being into physical form. Your Energy Web is attached to your physical body for the entire duration of your life. It is the place where the unseen exists. Thoughts, feeling and emotions are kept in your Energy Web, which then influence the growth and health of your physical body. What you think and feel today creates who you will become tomorrow. Your health, life situation and relationships are all a direct result of the thoughts that you have had. Connections with others begin within your Energy Web when you send out energy strands to share energy before even exchanging words. You can choose to make special energy connections with people that you feel close to. You can also, consciously or unconsciously, take on the energy of another being through your Energy Web if you are not careful to keep your boundary closed. Your Energy Web is anchored within the DNA in every cell in your body and has the power to heal and transform on a core level. The feelings and emotions that stay for awhile in your Energy Web become encoded in your DNA and go on to affect your children, their children and eventually the entire human species.

Each sun, star, planet and creature has an Energy Web surrounding their physical form. As we walk upon the surface of MotherEarth, we interact with the Planetary Energy Web. Our individual Energy Webs overlap with that of the planet as well as the creatures, plants, trees and stones in our vicinity. The energy that we share has a direct effect on All Our Relations and their energy in turn influences us. Therefore, we are influenced by everything that we come into contact with. As the Energy Webs become larger, they overlap around the planet and then reach out to touch our neighbors in the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. The Universe is one complete energy being, sharing the grand Universal Energy Web.

Since thoughts are light energy, we are all light. Positive thoughts let your light shine. The more you work with energy, the more your light will shine. Let your light shine!



The Universe is a grand force field consisting of infinite energy particles, most of which are too small for us to see. Most of the energy particles exist in multiple dimensions that are well beyond our physical ability to observe. This force field, which our Native American Elders and other Aboriginal peoples referred to as the Great Mystery, is the matrix for all Universal Life. It motivated the creative process into being, which we call the Great Mystery’s Dream, and is forever in a continual process of creativity. All Energy Webs are a part of this force field.

The Energy Matrix holds the essence of the Great Mystery’s Dream. Like a pattern, the Energy Matrix triggers forms and events to unfold in accordance with the Great Mystery’s Dream. Galaxies are born, planets solidify and become abundant with life, beings exist on multiple dimensions, each following their specific purpose for living. Suns and stars burn out, beings pass from physical into sprit, planets transform and change. The Universe continually creates and renews itself in a harmonious dance of energy changing form.

 Energy and dimensions are infinite. We can say that there are light energy vibrations and dense energy vibrations. I believe that the vibrations continue on indefinitely in all directions. For example, when you reach the highest or lightest energy that you can imagine, there is always another level of energy past that. Likewise, when you reach the lowest or most dense energy that you can imagine, there is always another level beyond that. Every dimension of existence contains both light and dense energy in a specific vibration that make it unique. The Universe is in continual motion; expanding as far as it can go and then contracting back again to the center, each time creating a different circle of energy with different possibilities. The Web of Life moves the Energy Matrix in continual motion as the Dance of Living manifests all possible physical forms and creates all possible experiences in the richness of being in harmony with the Great Mystery.


The dictionary provides us with the following definition of Vortex applying to air and water:

“A whirling motion forming a vacuum cavity in the center. A whirlwind, rushing, absorbing and irresistible with catastrophic power.”






One of the reasons that the Star People have given us the Vortex knowledge at this time is so we can expand our personal vibrations to evolve with the Fifth World energy and environment. Each time we use the Vortex, our energy expands like a rubber band, and we never return to our original state of energy. Like the rubber band, we remained changed as a result of our experience. The more Vortex work we do, the more we change our energy. This energy change manifests as balance within our lives. The results of expanded Vortex energy include: clear perception; aligning with our gift of Truth; easier manifestation of our needs; personal health; improved relationships based on attracting others with similar vibrations; adaptation to our changing external environment; and ability to experience the Fifth Dimension.



Vortex Energy Centers

We are beacons of energy, connecting the light energy of the Sky World with the nourishing foundation of the Earth. Just as the Earth has special Vortex centers, so does our body. Our energy body breathes through our Vortex centers. Our Vortexes are the energy centers where we release imbalances in our electromagnetic field and attract replenishing energy from the Universe. We connect to the Web of Life and the environment around us through our Vortex centers.

Experiencing our Energy Web requires a special perception which each person learns to develop. It is more important that each person develop their own intuitive perception of the energy body surrounding themselves and others than to learn any one particular technique. It is essential to work with the energy/thought continuum and learn to distinguish and interpret your perceptions. In this Fifth World, we learn through listening within. Each and every person can develop this talent. The Vortex work presented here assumes that the reader has already become familiar with her or his own energy perception. Please, take all the time you need to learn your own language of energy before you begin to work with the Vortex exercises.

We work in Fifth-Dimensional space when we create a Vortex. Although the Vortex works with the polarized energy flow between joints in the body, the Vortex does much more than encourages energy to flow along specific pathways. In the Vortex, we do not send energy or images to another person, or brush away energy that we feel is “bad.” When we create a Vortex, we simply acknowledge that we are energy beings who are part of the Grand Energy Field of the Universe and bring all energy pathways together so that the energy flow is harmonious. This occurs automatically, without our intention, when we put our hands together to create the diamond Vortex.

The Vortex is an alternative place outside of time, space and gravity, in which energy can easily rearrange by assuming new vibrations. Whatever is needed is brought from the Void through the doorway of the Vortex diamond and into form. It is precisely for this reason that the person using the Vortex is asked not to use intention. The Star People who have shared these teachings have made it clear that the Universe has a grand design and that using the Vortex opens up a pathway for that design to manifest.

We can not assume that our own perception is best for manifesting the evolutionary changes for ourselves, another person or even MotherEarth. Indeed, our personal perception may limit the possibilities of the Vortex. Therefore, once we create the Vortex, we give over to the Great Mystery and allow the energy to do what it needs to do. We create the Vortex, keep a clear, open mind, and allow the energy flow to happen without judgment or restriction. Trust that you will be guided during this process. Amazing things can happen for those who are sincerely ready to receive the abundance of the Universe.







The Energy Band

The Energy Band


The Energy Band Polarizes, or electromagneticly aligns, your Energy Web. The dictionary gives this definition of Polarization:  A condition of light or radiant heat in which the transverse vibrations of the rays assume different forms in different planes.

As it applies to Vortex, polarization can be achieved by using a magnetic energy band created with our hands to balance cell structure and align the physical and energy bodies. Polarization removes blocks within energy flow patterns, awakens memory (both remembering our past and our purpose), and activates the new energy flow patterns of the Fifth World.


Select a private place where you can work without distraction. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Begin by putting your hands together, fingertips pointing towards the sky. Make sure that the corresponding joints on each hand are directly touching each other. Hold your hands in this position for a few minutes. Take five slow, deep breaths to draw your energy back into your Vibral Core Center. It is no mystery that this is also the position of prayer. When we connect our hands, we balance our energy and can connect with the Universal Mind, the Great Mystery, source of being.

The left side of the body has a negative charge and the right side a positive charge. When we put our hands together connecting the two energy charges, we create a strong electromagnetic field. This is similar to putting together the opposing ends of two magnets. The energy flowing between them tends to push the two apart. This energy flow of attraction/resistance sets up a vibratory pattern that can polarize our energy. We prepare to work with Vortex energy by using the Energy Band to polarize our energy. The Energy Band brings personal energy into a harmonious vibration and shifts our dimensional reality.

Both sides of your body have distinct rhythms. Feel the rhythm on the left side of your body and notice how you relate to that energy flow. The left side of the body is our receiving side and our left hand brings in energy to nourish body, mind and spirit. Check in and see how your energy is flowing on your left side.

Now feel the rhythm on the right side of your body. This is the releasing side of the body where we give away energy. Check in and see how your energy is flowing on your right side. Notice how the energy flows on the two sides of your body are different and similar at the same time.

It is normal for each side of the body to have a distinct rhythm of energy. Sometimes the two rhythms are very different from each other. If you wish to explore these rhythms separately, first focus on the left side of your body and feel the rhythm there. Allow that rhythm to take over your entire body and move with that rhythm in a dance of receiving energy. When you have finished this dance, rest a few minutes, and then do the same thing on the right side of your body: focus on the rhythm of the right side of your body, and then create a dance of giving away energy that you can experience through your entire body.

After you have checked in with both sides of your body, bring your hands together again with the joints of your fingers touching. Allow your energy to begin flowing out of the joints of your right hand and through the joints of your left hand. Feel the energy flow into your left hand, circulate throughout your body, and then return to your right hand to begin flowing once again into your left hand and continue with this circular energy flow. Allow the energy of your hands to flow until they create one unified rhythm on both sides of your body. Now you have created your personal circle of harmony.

After you feel your energy flowing together with one rhythm, slowly begin to separate your hands. Move in very slow motion. As you pull your fingers apart, feel the Energy Band extending from the joints in one hand to the corresponding joints in the opposite hand. It resembles the feeling of pulling long, sticky threads of taffy. Let your hands act on their own, without thinking about it, and separate them just as far as you feel comfortable. Some people have described this as feeling like they have an energy balloon inflated between their hands. You have now created the Energy Band.

Making an Energy Band is the first step in polarizing your energy. Energy flows from joint to joint throughout your physical body. Each joint is a small Vortex center where energy flows into and out of your body. When we put our two hands together, we set up an energy field with a very strong magnetic flow. We can visualize this magnetic energy flow as an Energy Band. This Energy Band creates an environment for our energy to line up, which in turn creates an environment for the molecules and atoms in our body to line up. The Energy Band erases blockages in our Energy Web, harmonizes our vibration, and changes the magnetic programming of the cells within its field.

You can direct the Energy Band by moving your hands over your body. Move both of your hands at the same time, so that the magnetic energy flow remains intact, and place them over your head as far as you can reach. Separate your hands a little so that you can fit your head inside the Energy Band and slowly bring your hands down to your shoulders. You should feel the magnetic ‘pull’ of the Energy Band as you go. The slower you move, the better opportunity for the Energy Band to balance and polarize your energy. If you lose this feeling, you can go back to create the Energy Band and start again.

As the Energy Band travels, it seems to erase your energy while it changes the vibration of discordant energy and pulls back energy that has been scattered. This brings a sense of inner harmony and strengthens your Truth Line. In this way, you balance your energy much like turning the dial on the radio eliminates the static. Move your hands further apart so that your body will fit inside the Energy Band as you continue down your body, going all the way to your feet.

To close off the Energy Band, gently release your feet from the Energy Band and then bring your hands back up to the front of your body. Your hands should be about 8 or 10 inches apart. Slowly bring your hands together until the joints touch.

I like to do the Energy Band at night before I go to bed as it leaves me with a grounded, peaceful energy. The magnetic alignment of the Energy Band harmonizes all that has happened during the day, bringing a closure and leaving me ready to rest before beginning again in the morning.

The Energy Band can be done every day. As you practice aligning your energy, you will become more aware of the vibration that you carry and how it changes depending on outside circumstances. The more often you do the Energy Band, the more clear your energy will become. This is the preparatory exercise to working with Vortex Energy.


Earth Vortex

Earth Vortex