2016- Year of Expansion

We are coming out of two very intense years of adjustment. 2015 has been a year of adaptation as we all strive to personally integrate the shifting energy waves that are still bombarding the planet as part of the 2012 transformation. Our physical bodies have changed to resonate with the increased vibration of the Earth, for some resulting in health issues with the heart or breathing as we manifest a new personal vibration. Earth changes and vibrational pulses have caused emotional stress. We are releasing what we don't need to take with us into the Fifth World; lightening our bags and also releasing what we carry in our DNA from our Ancestors. Many of us have found new homes, new jobs and/or new friendships as our new personal vibrations reach out to attract situations with similiar energy. And, if that isn't enough, four strands of our DNA are waking up latent genetic codes for survival in the Fifth World: Healing, telepathy, manifestation and prophecy. Telepathy awakens the perception of the heart, prophecy awakens the perception of time, distance and event, manifestation awakens magnetic attraction and healing awakens vibrational alignment. Each of us is awakening these genetic codes at our own pace.

  I've been thinking a lot about the teachings of Grandmother Twylah and I keep getting a visual image of us (civilization) as sitting on the black line between the Fourth World and the Fifth World during the time from 2012 to 2015, tentatively sticking a foot onto the Fifth World road and gathering up the courage to walk into uncharted territory. In 2016 we step off of the black line, and the Fifth World of Creativity opens ahead for us to decide our future. What an opportunity!

 2016 promises to be the year of transformation-- the Vortex year. When we enter the Vortex without expectation or intention, we become open for the amazing abundance of the Universe to meet our needs and desires. Healing and change can be instant if we let go and allow ourselves to flow with the Universal Rhythm of Wholeness that connects everything. If we are ready, we will realize the power of our gifts to transform ourselves and the world. The Universal Web of Life is re-energized. NOW is the timing.

Walk on the Rainbow Path.