Good News!

Well, here we are almost at the end of 2013. This has been an intense time for all of us.

Our Universe has been moving through a Grand Universal Vortex for about the past twenty-five years. We entered this Vortex in 1988, reached the center in 2000, and from December Solstice 2012 to June Solstice 2013, we left the Vortex and entered the multi-dimensional Arc surrounding this vortex in time and space. Our existence has been forever changed.

On the physical level, the Universe, our planet, all the living creatures, and all of us are resonating with a new vibration. We feel this as a change in our breathing and heartbeat rhythms. Latent strands of our DNA have been triggered awake and  we are developing new abilities to assist our evolution into wholeness of being. All of the Fields of Knowledge within Universal Wisdom are available to us now so we will find new answers to our questions and creative solutions to our challenges. Our emotions are transmuting as we attempt to translate all of this into a way we can understand it. The Vortex energy has also brought us to a time of releasing, as we process both our old and stuck emotions, as well as those we carry from our Ancestors. Our lives are changing from the inside out and manifesting in the situations we are confronted with every day.

This is all a part of our spiritual journey. The Vortex is calling us home. We are the parents of a new species--One Planetary Energy Being with a common awareness. As we expand our awareness to encompass All That Is, our entire way of living will change. We are in for quite a grand adventure!

I have been busy this year updating and revising the Vortex Energy book and it will be published by Balboa press next year. The new edition of Vortex Energy :Creating a Doorway for Transformation and Evolution will have more information about the Grand Universal Vortex, Earth changes, DNA, and includes some new exercises. I am very excited about getting the Vortex out to assist everyone in making the transformation into the Fifth World.

Also, I have been interviewed by Susun Weed for Wise Woman Radio where we talked about the Taino Women's Lodge and the Food Mothers. You can hear this half hour webcast on the following links:

If you are local to Western NY, stop in at Lady of the Lake store on West Main Street to see my books and herbals. I am currently doing readings at the store and Vortex sessions nearby in Fredonia.


Above all, Keep making the Rainbow!

Taino Ti