EMBRACE YOUR HEART - Cards that speak the Language of the Heart by Spider       Available June 2018

(These cards are now available, see the page EMBRACE YOUR HEART)

The reason I haven't been keeping up with the newsletter this year is because I have been busy at work on a new project. Embrace Your Heart cards were inspired by a drawing that I did when I was going through a particularly difficult emotional time. The drawing was the first step at healing my heart. Pages of writing followed, all in the form of verse. I cut out cards, wrote one verse on each and drew a heart. Every day I selected a card and used the guidance of the words to let my heart speak to me. This path of self discovery put me in touch with my deepest wisdom and strengths. During this past year I found myself frequently sharing these cards with people going through heart opening experiences. Its time now to share the cards.

2017 was one of the most difficult years that the human race has ever experienced. The shift of 2012 has left us adjusting to a new energy vibrations. We are overwhelmed with processing all of our personal issues so that we can function in this vibration. To say this has been a struggle is an understatement. As we shift, we find changes in our health as our body finds new rhythms of breathing and heartbeats. Our physical, social and emotional needs are changing. We are being called to change on every level, letting go of connections that were once the foundation of our lives.

This year, 2018, is the year of expansion. By now we know that who we are is not limited to this physical body. We have no choice but to recognize our energy body as we learn to experience reality in some ways very differently than we have previously experienced. Four strands of our DNA are awakening at this time--Telepathy, Manifestation, Healing and Prophecy. These give us abilities beyond our physical senses that expand our awareness and energetically link us with one another in a unified energy field. One of these gifts- Telepathy- opens us up to understanding the Language of the Heart, the sharing of energy vibrations. 

As our hearts open, we see many aspects of ourselves. There is a process of releasing and acceptance; the path of healing ourselves. The more we heal, the brighter our energy becomes and the more love we share. The brighter our energy, the stronger our vibration and the more comfortable we feel living in this new dimension. Everyone right now is working on opening their heart. In sharing these cards, I trust that I can assist you on your path.