Medicine Wheel for 2013

Here’s what the energy brings for this year, 2013. On the spiritual level, we are strengthening our Earth connection and realigning our connection with the Universal Mind. If we haven’t already done so, this is the time when we each must remember the piece of Universal Wisdom that we brought to share and make a commitment to bring this wisdom into our daily life and share it with others. Realigning with the Universal Mind, the Heart of Heaven, is transforming our present spiritual practices and reawakening our spiritual connection with the Earth Mother. It is essential that we each spend time sitting on the Earth, listening to MotherEarth’s heartbeat and aligning with natural rhythms of life. The environmental crisis is still growing and will continue to create a more imbalanced way of living on the planet until we decided to do something about it. We have very little time before another natural disaster will remind us to live more gently on the Earth. It is up to each one of us right now to choose to live in a more sustainable way. Many people making individual choices can influence those who need direction and create new ways of living that replenish the Earth. Those responsible for large companies, budgets, and lawmakers are now faced with choices that affect our survival and the survival of many other species. Let’s trust that this realignment with Heart of Heaven will find us all working together to make the Earth a healthy and happy place to live for ourselves, our children, and their children.

On the physical level, manifestation is happening more quickly as we align our thoughts and feelings with creative energy. Everything we think or say is passed along more rapidly now and has the potential to manifest immediately. Literally, you are creating the world around you every minute through your thoughts. On a mental level, many new ideas are coming forth at this time to be shared and developed into new technology for living. We see new technology manifesting around us every day already, and soon we will see alternate technology brought forth to usher in new ways to communicate and create.

On a feeling level, we are opening to the heart songs of others which will lead to more intuitive communication. It is necessary for each one of us to be fully attentive in our dealings with others in order to awaken the energy web that allows us to collectively function as One Being. On an energetic level, the Universal Vortex is open and the Universal Mind has triggered the energy vibration that will rearrange our DNA and our cellular structure.

Things may seem overwhelming now as energy shifts rapidly. Our physical bodies need extra time to rest and integrate the energy coming from the Universe. We need extra rest to allow cellular and DNA transformations to occur. This happens most easily while we are sleeping because we are most receptive when we are asleep. Our minds need time away from thinking through rest and meditation that stills the mind. It is very important to take regular personal time to keep balanced. This may mean slowing down activities and making priorities to choose the most important area to extend energy. With so much changing inside our bodies, we can easily burn out if we keep up a schedule with too many outside activities going on. Headaches, stomach aches, flu like symptoms and weakened immune systems are just a few messages from our bodies that tell us when we are out of balance. This is a time of letting go of that which is unnecessary for personal survival. Know that when you give up activities or possessions, your life will become richer.

We are transforming into a new species of humans, a species I would like to think of as more compassionate, creative, and honoring of our environment. The world has begun anew. The spiritual, energetic, thought, emotional and physical structures of all life forms is rearranging. The structure of the planet itself is rearranging as well. We can no longer survive unless we remember why we came to the Earthwalk and take responsibility for creating the New World that we came here to usher in.