☼ After 2012 ☼

I think we were all glad to see the year 2012 come to an end. It was an intense year for many people, bringing changes in health, job situations, and personal relationships. Many of us were relieved that the doomsday prophecies (as the media hyped it) did not come to pass. But the true prophecy of the Mayan Calendar has been given little coverage and few really understand the message that the Mayans bring to us regarding this special time.

Recently I spent time with Miguel Sague, Taino indigenous spiritual guide and co-founder of the Maya Taino Initiative, an organization dedicated to sharing the truth about the Mayan Calendar teachings. (Maya Taino Initiative.com, Caney Indian Spiritual Circle.com) Together with Maya Taino Initiative co-founder Antonio Ah Ik, Miguel has been traveling and sharing the message given to them by Mayan Calendar shaman and day-keeper Telesforo Itzep of Guatemala.

The Mayans call this time the “World Age Shift”, referring to the end of one Long Count cycle on the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of another Long Count. In interpreting this significance, it is important to know that the Mayans did not perceive time in the linear way that we do today. The big difference between the Gregorian and ancient Mayan perception of a cycle is the fact that in the Gregorian system, time is seen as a long linear process in which there is always forward progress from cycle to cycle, with one cycle ending and an entirely new one taking its place. The ancient Mayan perception of a cycle was circular, with the ending of a cycle becoming an actual return to the beginning. The old cycle itself (not a separate successor) was expected to be reborn, begin anew, and make the journey all over again. This is a process that goes on and on, repeating indefinitely. 

Basically, the Mayan Calendar is made up of Kins (days) that follow cycles of various lengths called: Unials (20 days), Tuns (18 Unials or 360 days), Katuns (20 Tuns or 7200 days), and Baktuns (20 Katuns or 144,000 days). Thirteen Baktuns comprise one “World Age” or “Sun” (about 5,200 years) and five World Ages (approximately 26,000 years) make one Evolutionary Cycle.

On December 21 of this year, we reached the end of this Evolutionary Cycle on the Mayan Calendar. Planet Earth was at the exact location to align with the Heart of Heaven at the center of our galaxy. Planet Earth reaches this location every 260 centuries (26,000 years or the length of time in five World Ages). The number 260 has symbolic importance to note, as it takes about 260 days for the gestation of a human baby inside the womb and the end/begining of the Evolutionary Cycle is a time of human spiritual rebirth. Coincidentally, it takes roughly 260 centuries for light emitted at the bright glowing center of our galaxy to reach planet Earth. This light is a transmitter of cosmic and spiritual information which originates at the very center of the Universe and can only reach us when the galaxy, Sun and Earth are in perfect alignment with each other. During these rare moments, which the Mayans refer to as the rebirth of the Sun (for the Sun actually appears to rise up straight from the galaxy center), humans have an opportunity to remember our spiritual nature and create a new way of living.

We are dealing with cycles, so this shift, which is essentially a change of consciousness, is not a one day event; rather we have been experiencing this cosmic re-focusing for about the past twenty-five years and will continue to do so for quite awhile. The world as we know it is already being reborn. The supporters of Doomsday are also feeling this momentum, and they created the 2012 hype out of fear for the changes they know are coming because they are hanging on to old ways of thinking. As we all know, the world did not end in 2012. The Mayan day-keepers tell us that the world can not end; it just goes on forever in its cycles, growing and changing form. However, individual species can come to an end. Our relationship with the Earth will determine if humankind as a species will continue to evolve during this new cycle or if we chose to destroy the very resources that are crucial for our survival. Each one of us has the power right now to make important choices that will determine our collective future.

To get an idea of what lies ahead, let’s take a look at the past. The beginning of the most recent 260 century Evolutionary Cycle of Five World Ages (the cycle that ended on 12/21/12) began during the Ice Age in human pre-history, about 24,000 BC. By that time, humans were scattered over the surface of the planet living in small nomadic family or clan units. Our ancestors had physically adapted to different environments and were becoming distinct races. Around 24,000 BC, small groups of previously isolated people began encountering each other in their travels to hunt the Ice Age mammals that they subsisted on. Communication was probably achieved through gestures and sounds so that people could identify others and work together.

Humans were just beginning to take the first steps into the realm of spirituality around 24,000 BC. We know this because the evidence of spiritual and ritual behavior was first recorded on cave walls and made into small figurines that have been preserved and scientifically dated. Spiritual experiences required the development of a new and unique system of communication needed to share and record such abstract concepts as emotions, dreams, and spiritual inspirations. Shamanism emerged as an activity to express the sacred, mark the passage of life, and celebrate the bond between early humans and the fertile Earth Mother.

The arts developed as a way to express the spiritual aspect of life. The shaman (or spiritual leader) was an artist creating external representations of an inner spiritual reality. Drawing, sculpture and painting recorded sacred images. Now individuals had a way to express highly personal experiences. Others in the group could relate to the images and thus communication of the unseen became possible. Music and dance, poetry, storytelling, and drama were included in the sacred. The oldest images that have been found are goddess figures exemplifying the abundance of the feminine, a metaphor for the Mother Earth. Ancient cave paintings show images of humans playing flutes, and ritual-like behavior related to hunting, gathering wild honey, and burying the dead. The production of shamanic art that began around the year 24,000 BC was prolific, producing a large body of extraordinarily compelling artwork that continued in earnest for several centuries.

In the process of expressing their inner visions, it was necessary for ancient humans to create new tools and techniques. They had to discover the proper natural materials to use to bring their spiritual visions into form— where to find pigments, dyes and clay, and how to develop tools to shape various substances.  Early humans also needed a way to express sound and movement, so they invented musical instruments that could manipulate sound in new and different ways. They needed to create words that could describe many previously unexpressed abstract concepts so that they could share their visions through poetry, storytelling, and song. This period of time, around 24,000 BC, ushered in a technological revolution that has become the foundation for spiritual and artistic expression in our cultures today. We can still see exciting examples of the way in which this process unfolded if we look at modern-day shamanic Earth based societies such as the K’ung tribes of the Kalahari Desert of South Africa, the indigenous nations of the Amazon River basin, and the rainforest dwellers of the New Guinea interior.

The product of that technological revolution, based on archeological findings, demonstrates to us that about 26,000 years ago humans enthusiastically delved into areas of technology and invention that had never been explored before. In essence, humans went through a tremendous growth period that not only greatly expanded their spiritual experience, but encouraged the development of new technology to express those experiences. Art eventually became a powerful media for the publication of ideas. The level of spoken communication advanced to include abstract concepts and eventually written symbols to represent spoken sounds. More complex communication skills encouraged cooperation among early humans who settled in small communities and worked together to eventually develop and sustain agriculture. 

According to the Mayan Calendar, we have returned to the beginning of the cycle and can expect a rebirth of the human species comparable in magnitude to the technological revolution of 26,000centuries ago (24,000 BC). It is likely that this will include a spiritual rebirth—a reconciliation of cultural differences and recognition of all humans as part of one family with a unity of purpose. The communication rebirth is already taking place, with the development of the Internet for global sharing and the potential of computers as a media of expression. It is likely that our way of communicating will advance in leaps and bounds as new ways are discovered to express ideas through art, music, dance, theater, and spoken and written words. New tools will undoubtedly be created to express new insights and ideas.

The foundation for this rebirth is awakening now in the form of new vehicles for sharing new ideas and new collectively-run organizations for reaching out to help others in our communities. It is my idea that communication will begin to transcend spoken words to become communication through feelings, awakening a heart connection with others. Eventually communication through shared feelings will lead us back to a renewed spiritual connection with our planet, the provider of everything that we need for living. Just as life changed so dramatically for our ancient ancestors 26,000 years ago, we have the potential now to make major changes that will transform the very definition of our human species.

So, what happens after 2012? The ancient Mayans left this remarkable calendar 260 centuries ago as a legacy so that their distant grandchildren would know the significance of this special time. What are we going to leave our distant grandchildren as our legacy for their future? That, my friends, is up to us. We live at such an exciting time, a time that will not be seen again by our future grandchildren for many centuries. To be alive at this time is to be given a special gift. The choices we make directly affect the evolution of our human species.



Further information about Miguel Sague and the Caney Indian   Spiritual Circle can be found at www.caneycircle.owlweb.org    and Maya-Taino Initiative can be found at   www.mayatainoprophecy.webs.com


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ The Universal Vortex is Now Open ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

DNA Footnote:

Four strands of our human DNA are simultaneously awakening at this time (I estimate this occurring between 1987 and 2050.) Perhaps that is why we are all feeling such an urgent quickening. Humans are changing more rapidly now than at any other time since our Ancestors learned to stand upright. The first humans, our Ancient Ancestors, walked the planet with all 12 strands of DNA fully awake. They had gifts and abilities that enabled them to do may things that we can not. Somehow during evolution, the use of most of our DNA was suppressed. The two gifts of DNA associated with the two strands of DNA that remained awake and functioning are creativity and logic. Creativity has enabled us to manifest our visions, beautify the environment, and mold the world to make life comfortable and interesting. Logic developed to help us understand the world around us. Beginning with the creation stories, logic enabled us to develop language, math, science, systems of governments and social status.

The four strands of DNA awakening within us right now develop gifts that will help us evolve into the Fifth Dimension and beyond. These are the skills that will enable us to perceive thoughts and energy, communicate with energy, and work with our Energy Webs. We are already starting to work with these gifts but we are just scratching the surface of our potential. Telepathy, prophecy, manifestation and healing, when developed to their full potential, will enable us to function as whole beings within the new dimension of the Fifth World. In the Fifth World, we will experience nonverbal communication within the loving space of the heart-- we will be able to perceive time lines in order to experience the past, all dimensions of the present, and the future-- we will be able to hold clear thoughts and have them manifest instantly-- and we will experience a merging of our Spirit Essence with our mental and physical bodies that will bring total health and comfort. In other words, the development of these four strands of DNA will bring us into a Wholeness of Being where we will live as ONE with each other, the planet and the Universe, as creators of our existence.


Keep Walking With The Rainbow,